Tanzania to Adopt Two-tier Parliamentary System

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On 15 January 2013 saa 02:39
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Tanzania could adopt a new two-tier parliamentary system that combines Senate and Lower house.

Rwanda runs on this kind of system.Kenya also runs on a two teir parliamentary system.

Tanzania members of parliament made the proposal on the two-tier parliamentary system while presenting their views on the new Constitution monday.

The country’s Speaker of the National Assembly Anna Makinda said most of the legislators want the introduction of the Senate as the best way of safeguarding public interests.

She said the Senate should comprise a small number of experts from various fields who would be responsible for enacting and passing laws, among other functions.

Under the current system, where the National Assembly has the responsibility of passing and enacting laws, Makinda said, some of the legislators have been abusing their positions by putting the interest of their parties first with little regard to the interests of the public as a whole.

With the Senate in place, Ms Makinda said, experts would use their expertise to serve public interests.

“You have seen how the current Parliament operates: the walkouts and all manner of chaos are fuelled by party politics… the introduction of the Senate will limit legislators’ functions to only representing their constituencies,” said Ms Makinda.

The two-tier parliamentary system is common in developed countries like the US and England.

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