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Tanzania:Two ‘fake’ citizens nabbed in special police operation
Published on 6-08-2016 - at 01:43' by Daily News

The Immigration Services Department has netted 594 illegal immigrants, including two employees who were working in the public service.

Speaking at a news conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Dar es Salaam zone immigration chief, John Msumule said the arrests of illegal immigrants were made after an intense investigation that was done in the past eight months.

Mr Msumule named the two aliens who were employed by the government prior to the arrests as Mr Bahilanya Milingita alias Roy Bilingita who is a Congolese national and Dr Esther Mwenitumba who is from Malawi.

According to Mr Msumule, Mr Bilingita entered in the country in 1986 illegally and managed to acquire a Tanzanian passport by submitting false documents. “He is residing in Gongolamboto with two wives and he is an electric technician who owns a company that has a joint venture with Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO),’’ he said, adding that he was employed by TANESCO contrary to the country’s laws.

The other illegal immigrants, according to the immigration regional chief is Dr Esther Mwenitumba, who prior to the arrest was working as the chief medical officer at the Mburahati health centre. He added that the suspects would be arraigned immediately after completion of investigations.

According to the Non-Citizens (Regulations) Act, upon conviction, any person who contravenes the law commits an offence and he/she is liable to a fine of not less than 10m/- to imprisonment for a term of not less than two years or both.

Yesterday, Mr Msumule warned landlords who were not getting details of their tenants, insisting that it was proper if the records of all the tenants were proper, where on any suspicion, information should be taken to the nearest immigration office.

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Two suspects, Mr Bahilanya Milingita from the DRC and Dr Esther Simon Mwenitumba from Malawi presented to journalists yesterday after they were nabbed by the Immigration Department for being in the country illegally. Mr Milingita was working with Tanesco while Miss Mwenitumba worked as the Chief Medical Officer at Mburahati Centre. (Photo by Eliphace Marwa - Maelezo)



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