Tanzanians mourn Castro

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 26 November 2016 saa 11:29
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President John Magufuli has sent a condolence message to the President of Cuba, Mr Raul Castro, following the death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro, one of the world’s longest serving and most iconic leaders.

“I have received with deep sorrow the death of the former president. On behalf of the government, the people of Tanzania and on my own behalf, I send condolences to you, the deceased’s family and the people of Cuba for losing someone important,” read in part the statement by the Directorate of Presidential Communication.

Meanwhile, Tanzanians have grieved the death of former Cuban President, Fidel Castro and described him as a true friend to the country and a revolutionary icon whose legacy will live on beyond his death.

The Cuban communist revolutionary, died on Friday at the age of 90. Speaking to the ’Sunday News’ in separate interviews yesterday, politicians and scholars said that, Castro will be remembered globally as a revolutionary leader who did not waiver.

Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Secretary General, Abdulrahman Kinana said that his party recognises the life well lived of a great son of Cuba, the revolutionary, committed and visionary leader.

Mr Kinana said Fidel Castro has been an inspirational leader who dedicated himself to his country, people and friends. "Fidel, was committed to defeating oppression across the world.

Indeed, the history of Africa cannot be complete without mentioning the contribution of Fidel Castro.," he said. He added that Fidel, committed resources, support and even lives of his people to oppose oppression in Africa.

In Tanzania, he said, Fidel was a true friend of the country, he helped development in Tanzania by building schools, providing technical support in various sectors including agriculture, medical and safety.

"Tanzania, has lost a true friend and a model to be emulated for years to come." His leadership skills and commentate are second to none. He lead his country to development even through difficult embargo times, his country was able to develop successful professional sectors including medical which is second to none in the world. Mr Kinana said he is proud of knowing Fidel Castro and got leadership inspiration from him.

He sent his condolences to the people of Cuba, Secretary General of the Communist Party of Cuba Raúl Castro. University of Dar es Salaam Senior Lecturer, Dr Benson Banna described Castro as a revolutionary communist who does not waiver when it comes to defending of people’s rights. He said Tanzania will remember him for his contribution to the country’s health sector by providing scholarship for Tanzanians to study in his country.

"During his leadership, Castrol provided scholarship for Tanzanians to study medicine in his country," Dr Banna added. He said Africa will also remember the Cuban leader for his great contribution in the liberation struggle in Southern Africa.

University of Dodoma Lecturer, Paul Loisulie said that Castro was well known across the world as revolutionary communist due to the system he used to take over the power and his efforts to strengthen communism. He said Castro was a close friend to the late Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and his contributions in Tanzania’s socialism cannot be ignored. Loisulie said that Cuba also contributed for the development of other sectors in the country such as education and health.

He said he was among the students who lived in one of the buildings at Ifakara Secondary school named Fidel Castro. The Tanzania/Cuba Friendship Society also conveyed their heartfelt condolences to the people and government of Cuba following the death of the beloved historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

"We have been aware of and followed with great concern comrade Fidel’s failing health for a long while since 2006 when he underwent a major surgery," said the Society Chairman Salim Msoma in a statement availed in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

Mr Msoma said although Castro was not in direct control of Party and State affairs, his physical presence in the background Cuban scene was like a bright star shining and providing light and guidance to the political, socio-economic trajectory of the heroic Cuban society.

“Now that he has passed away that star has inevitably dimmed but not faded away completely. For he has bequeathed to history and generations an enduring lasting legacy in the form of his exemplary intellectual capacity, dedicated selfless leadership and inspiring revolutionary credentials,” he said.

He leaves behind a potent lesson and a message to all struggling humanity against indignity, exploitation and social oppression to firmly adhere to steadfastness, resistance and unwavering commitment to principles.

Mr Musoma said his nemesis western and US imperialism in particular as expected has greeted his death with euphoria and a sense of infantile celebration.

The Tanzanian/Cuban Friendship Society solemnly called on the Cuban people to hold high Fidel’s banner and spirit of eternal combat against injustices spawned by the bornagain neo-liberal predatory capitalism as we join hands to mourn the physical demise of the indefatigable son of Cuba, comrade Fidel Castro.