Tarmen Unisex Beauty Salon: A passionate trinity of beauty services, quality products and professionalism

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On 11 May 2017 saa 03:52
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Quinta Tarkang, a Swiss pharmacist of Cameroonian origin, has opened a Tarmen Unisex Beauty Salon, a unique top of the line beauty institution that provides quality services in hair, nail and skin care as well as quality cosmetic products. Quinta moved to Kigali in August 2015 with her family and decided to invest in beauty products and services which has always been her passion.

Located at the Orient Park Hotel in Nyarutarama, Kigali, Tarmen Unisex Beauty Salon was established with the comfort of the customer in mind. This location is easy to get to and offers free parking for its customers.

“Being a pharmacist by profession as well as a certified manager of quality and operational excellence with the American Society of Quality, I decided to provide people with reliable and quality skin care services, hair dressing, manicures, pedicures and more, ultimately caring about their health,” says Quinta.

Quinta is also concerned about the youth in the society and is partnering with Maison Shalom to train young people at Tarmen Beauty Salon to become professionals in providing various beauty services.

Concerned about cosmetic products

Quinta says, as an experienced professional pharmacist, she knows much about the effects of poor quality products on the skin and hair some of which occur after a long time. She explains that excellent hygiene is a top priority at Tarmen beauty salon. Therefore, all materials are routinely sterilized between customers.

Tarmen beauty salon strives to provide safe top quality products for its customers. The qualified and experienced staff are committed to guiding customers on the products best adapted to their skin and hair type. At Tarmen beauty salon, we not only provide quality products, but we also have the comfort of the customer in mind. In order to reduce the time clients have to wait, we have 8 stylist chairs for the women as well as 3 for the men.

Salon has Skin Care specialist

Our qualified staff go beyond hair dressing to advise customers on how to take care of their skin, hair and nails. Our professional aesthetician performs facial services and guides customers on how to improve the beauty and health of their skin.

Salon offers special customer care

At Tarmen Beauty Salon, a customer is served with coffee, tea or water depending on their choice, plus different snacks, all free of charge to make customers feel at home. In addition to salon and skin care services, Tarmen Unisex Beauty Salon sells a range of cosmetics to provide customers with all they need for beauty. The prices are competitive and the customer gets top quality for their money.

Tarmen Beauty Salon opens from 9am to 9pm to give services to professionals who want services in the evening hours after their daily work.

For further information, please call +250 785 061 543 or +250 729 007 002. You can also Phone or WhatsApp Quinta on +250 786 480 004.

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The Salon uses friendly cosmetic products
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The room in which skin care services are offered
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The place where men sit as they receive explanations of needed services
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The place where women sit receiving explanations on convenient services for them .
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The Salon provides nail care

By Jean d’Amour Mugabo