TestBED - A unique start-up accelerator in the hospitality industry

On 2 October 2017 at 01:57

TestBED, Marriott Hotels’ accelerator programme aims to find cutting edge technologies that can transform its guests’ experience.

This year we are looking for start-ups focusing on Enhancing Marriott Hotels’ guest experience.

Seed and early stage start-ups within the above category are welcome. We expect the entries to be ready to pilot within a live hotel environment.

“0 cash; 0 equity; 100% opportunity”

TestBED is a unique accelerator; we do not offer start-ups cash, nor do we ask for equity. We provide start-ups with an invaluable opportunity to test their products for 10 weeks within an operating Marriott Hotel across Middle East and Africa. During this period, start-ups will be able to receive feedback from Marriott guests and associates to help develop their product.

In addition, TestBED offers participating start-ups:
- A marketing training programme, tailored to their needs, provided by industry
- Mentoring from a range of experts from Marriott Hotels
- Global exposure through Marriott Hotels’ marketing and media

The TestBED accelerator programme lasts 10 weeks. During this time, start-ups will not be required to relocate their operations. However, participants may be required to travel, as most of this period will be spent within a Marriott Hotel in the Middle East or Africa to pilot their products.

Participants will also be expected to attend TestBED’s 1-day pitch and 3-day boot-camp in the UAE.

Start-ups are encouraged to make the most of the pilot period within their designated hotel.