Three arrested over theft of fertilizers

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On 18 March 2017 saa 11:37
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Police in Gakenke District have arrested three men in connection with theft of fertilizers and seeds that government had allocated to farmers.

According to the Northern Region Spokesperson, Inspector of Police (IP) Innocent Gasasira, the suspects in custody are; Telesphore Ngarukiye, Alain Safari and Focus Maniradukunda. They are local leaders in Gahinga Cell and Rutabo Cell of Mugunga Sector.

“We received information from residents that they were being supplied lower quantities than they were expected to receive. When our officers took up the case, they discovered that the trio had stolen 172 kgs of fertilizers and 204 kgs of beans and maize seeds,” said the spokesperson.

The missing seeds and fertilizers were found in the homes of the three men who are in charge of social economic development in their respective areas.

IP Gasasira said that that; “people occupying public offices should always refrain from such kind of malpractices. They should always know that anyone who attempts to misuse or abuse his office will be punished by the laws.”

He further thanked residents that provided information and urged them to always follow up whenever they realize any mishaps.

IP Gasasira expressed disappointment over the trio’s alleged actions, which he said are against articles 325 and 609 of the Rwandan penal code.

Embezzlement, under article 325, attracts an imprisonment of up to ten years in prison and a fine of two to five times the value of the embezzled or destroyed property.

Article 609 states that “any person who forges or alters documents by forged signature or fingerprint, falsifying documents or signatures or impersonation, forging agreements, its provisions, obligations, discharged obligations shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of more than five years to seven years and a fine of Rwf300, 000 to Rwf3 million.”