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Three Gahini hospital officials, businessman arrested over swindling
Published on 8-11-2016 - at 11:08' by IGIHE

The director of Gahini Hospital, in Kayonza district, Dr Muvunyi Alphonse, has been arrested along with two co-workers over alleged misappropriation of public resources and using forged documents.

IGIHE has learnt that the other two officials arrested last night include the director of audit at the hospital intercepted at Rwanda—Uganda border attempting to escape; the accountant and an entrepreneur who won the tender of supplying items to Gahini Hospital.

They are all alleged to have misallocated over Rwf 300 million as per the recent audit of the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

Their arrest has been confirmed by the police spokesperson in Eastern Province, IP Emmanuel Kayigi who said that the four are detained at Mukarange police station in Kayonza district.

“ It is true that four are being held over alleged misappropriation of public resources and uttering forged documents,” he said.

IP Kayigi explained that they forged ghost names of people who attended meetings or trainings against which they countersigned to swindle the money meant for public service.

The suspects cheated and extended the ghost trainings into several days, causing grave losses to the government.

IP Kayigi said that more people may follow the four in custody as investigations unfold to identify more culprits.

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ces gens la sont ennemis du developpement pour notre afrique les mirable economique se multiplie pour ce bon pays car il a des bons dirigeants soucieux et animEs d’un esprit patriotique et ses incenses volent le bien public comme s’ils n’avaient le droit...les bonnes intentions sont toujours temoignage pour des bons leaders...

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