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Tigo Rwanda commissions Internet Transit for KT Rwanda Networks
Published on 4-08-2016 - at 07:19' by IGIHE

Tigo Rwanda is proud to announce the commissioning of a wholesale IP Transit service for KT Rwanda Networks. The wholesale IP Transit deal will allow internet international traffic from KT Rwanda Networks to transit via the Tigo Rwanda/Millicom fibre optic network into the Millicom POP (Point of Presence) in London, United Kingdom.

Under this 10-year partnership with KT Rwanda Networks, Tigo Rwanda will provide STM-4 Bandwidth over a secured network with a bit rate of 622Mbit/s. Previously, international Internet traffic from Rwanda relied on regional and international carriers such as BCS-Kenya, WIOCC, and SeaComm.

This is the first time in Rwanda that the transit of international internet traffic is commissioned by a local operator at such a large scale.

Philip Amoateng, Chief Executive Officer, Tigo Rwanda commented: “We are proud to be the first Rwandan telecom operator to provide IP transfer at such a large scale. Over the last year our parent company Millicom has made investments such as the acquisition of operator Zanzibar Telecom (Zantel) that positions us with the infrastructure and the needed access to sea-cable to provide such services. “

Han-Sung Yoon, Chief Executive Officer, KT Rwanda Networks said: “Tigo Rwanda and KT Rwanda Networks have enjoyed a strong partnership that resulted into an increased number of 4G users in Rwanda; and the purchase of this capacity comes to elevate the 4G user experience. We thank Tigo Management and look forward to doing more together”.

Philip Amoateng, Chief Executive Officer, Tigo Rwanda added: “What this means for our clients is that in addition to providing a competitive price, both technical and commercial support will be done locally by our experts.”

The IP Transit service for KT Rwanda Networks was made possible through Tigo Rwanda’s partnership with Zanzibar Telecom (Zantel). Zantel is a shareholder in three main sea-cable providers, namely TEAMS, WACCS, and EASSY. Zantel interconnect also with SEACOM at their landing POP in Dar-Es-Salam.

The cables provide low latency connectivity to the internet.The large capacity provides the best environment for triple play applications namely voice, data and video streaming.

The protected IP transit capacity will be taken from Dar-es-Salaam; hence most of the contents will also be available at that point due to caching mechanism put in place at our POP in Dar-es-Salam.

This will reduce the latency drastically.



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