Top government critic announces presidential ambitions

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On 22 November 2016 saa 06:43
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Reverend Father Thomas Nahimana known for his scathing attacks against the government of Rwanda and revisionism through his website, ‘Le Prophète’ (the prophet) based in France where he has lived for 11 years has now unveiled his plan of returning to Rwanda tomorrow.

Nahimana, 45, was born in Cyangugu diocese and has been living in France from where he has been spreading politics of hatred and discrimination.

As he announced the plan to return to Rwanda last week, Nahimana unveiled that he abandoned priesthood for politics.

“Priesthood is not a prison but rather a sacrament some catholic Christians can receive to assist others in religious teaching,” he said.

Nahimana left Rwanda in 2005 saying his security was not guaranteed and received in the diocese of Le Havre in France where he started making wild political statements. Prior to his self-imposed exile, he had no criminal record. As time evolved Nahimana collaborated with Fortunatus Rudakemwa and launched a website ‘Le Prophete’ which has been a platform of hatred,denial and undermining 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

Priest Nahimana formed ‘Ishema’ the political party on 28th January 2013 that helped him to spread his political ideology.

Nahimana has been calling the remembrance of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi ‘a permanent political tool to incite anger, clouding citizens with fear and dousing them in sorrow and promoting racial discrimination.’

Talking about his return, Nahimana said; “We attempted to come in January 2016 but failed since we still had to discuss it with the government before returning. We sent a letter similar to the one we wrote to the President of the Republic. We later took few months which had to expire next week. We have unwaveringly made the decision of returning to Rwanda and have already been prepared to leave Paris on Tuesday evening to land in Kigali on 23rd November 2016 around 14:50 hours,” he added.

Nahimana explained that he will come to Rwanda along with his team and register a political party, paving way for having its representative in 2017 presidential elections.
He explained that he wants to compete with President Paul Kagame. “If he beats me during presidential elections, I will accept him to lead me. However when I am elected, I advise him to accept my guidance to witness my good leadership,” said Nahimana.

Bishop Ntihinyurwa, the Archibishop of Kigali diocese and the bishop of Kabgayi diocese Smaragde Mbonyintege have condemned behaviors of priest Nahimana in the documentary film dubbed (Ikibyimba cy’ukuri’) (Abscess of truth ) written by Gasigwa Léopold.

“The responsibility of a priest is to unite the people with others and God …I don’t think his political party is uniting Rwandans based on what he has been writing,” said bishop Ntihinyurwa in the documentary.

Bishop Mbonyintege explained that priests are not allowed by the canonical law to be involved in political affairs.

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Reverend Father Thomas Nahimana