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Transporters urged to mind the safety of students returning home for holidays
Published on 20-07-2016 - at 00:44' by Police

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has urged public transporters, head teachers and parents to facilitate and ensure the safety of students who are returning home from school for holidays.

The call was made by the Spokesperson of Traffic and Road Safety department, Superintendent of Police (SP) Jean Marie Vianney Ndushabandi.
Schools are set to break off for holidays this Friday.

“Transportation of students should be done in a smooth manner with no interruptions or setbacks. Transporters shouldn’t violate road safety standards like over speeding to scrambles for students, which can result into accidents,” Supt. Ndushabandi said.

“Some drivers have a tendency of over speeding so that they can make many rounds, this is completely unacceptable… it’s exposing people’s lives to risks. Police officers will be on alert to ensure drivers follow road safety standards.”
He further urged them to ensure that their vehicles are in proper mechanical conditions.

He also reminded them to desist from overloading and trying to exploit the peak hours or season to transport beyond the licensed number of passengers.

“As an institution charged with public safety, RNP is mandated to ensure that students travel home safely as well as other passengers proceed with their businesses without major interruptions,” said the Traffic Police spokesperson.

He urged schools to facilitate the students’ departure adding that parents picking up their children should pick them inside the school vicinity to avoid any gap between school and parents.

The police notice follows an announcement issued by the Ministry of Education detailing how students will be departing from school going back home.

The statement indicated that students will be departing in phased and should be dressed in full school uniform.



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