Turkey-Rwanda relations deepen, Umuganda introduced

On 30 October 2017 at 10:27

On Saturday 28 October 2017, the Embassy of Rwanda in partnership with Turkey – Rwanda Parliamentary Friendship Group and Uşak University organised and participated in Community Work – Umuganda in the province of Uşak in western Turkey.

This month’s Umuganda in Turkey focused on planting trees in line with the Rwandan Embassy’s performance contract this year to plant more trees across Turkey. Rwandan Embassy and Rwandan community in Turkey have conducted similar activities in the capital City of Ankara on a regular basis, each last Saturday of the month.

Umuganda in Uşak province, near 500km from Ankara saw a big number of locals coming to attend and listen about the background of Umuganda and the Rwandan story before 200 trees were planted. Among the participants were the Province Governor Mr Salim Iron, members of Parliament, the Rector of Uşak University and many academic members for the same university, Rwandans and their friends from neighbouring provinces, local gendarme, students from high schools and Uşak university as well as a considerable number of locals. African Ambassadors and diplomats had also travelled from Ankara to support and participate in Umuganda. The approximate number of participants was over 400 people.

Television and radio stations had send their journalists to capture this extraordinary activity with Rwandan colours. Speaking to the press, Ambassador Williams NKURUNZIZA explained the raison d’etre for Umuganda and the context in which it is organised. With a background of the Rwandan history and its current development status; he drew from the country’s home solutions to its challenges and the results as seen today in many international publications and the current economic development standing of the nation that is characterised by many as a miracle.

Nkurunziza invited all participants to visit Rwanda at their individual convenient time to witness the beauty of the country and to explore business opportunities that are waiting for their investments.

Governor Salim Iron in his turn told the crowd that Uşak province has a long tradition of community work similar to Rwanda’s. He also encouraged everyone to travel to Rwanda to start conversations with mind like businessmen and women for a long-term collaboration between Rwanda’s private sector and Uşak industrialists.

In his intervention, the Rector of Uşak University Prof. Dr. Sayın DALKIRAN thanked Ambassador Nkurunziza who had given a public lecture to a 1,200 – audience at the university the previous day about Rwanda’s renaissance. He highlighted Nkurunziza’s contribution to the knowledge of the audience and pledged more collaboration with the University to further the education cooperation with Rwanda.

Dr Alim Tunc, Member of Parliament and Chairperson of Turkey – Rwanda Parliamentary Friendship Group, in his speech shared with participants his experience in Rwanda. Honourable Tunc was recently in Rwanda where he had a chance to visit different parts of the country. He expressed his satisfaction with Rwanda’s determination to success and the wellbeing of its citizens.

The African Diplomatic Corps that was composed of nine (9) Ambassadors and twelves (12) diplomats who had travelled to Uşak were pleased to stand with Rwanda and support Umuganda. The event offered an opportunity for the African diplomatic corps to network with local businesses where the Embassy of Rwanda had prearranged visits to the local organized industrial zones.

The Community Work – Umuganda was held in the province of Uşak in western Turkey
The event offered an opportunity for the African diplomatic corps to network with local businesses
Rwandans and their friends from neighbouring provinces, local gendarme, as well as a considerable number of locals all attended the Event
With the help of locals and students from Uşak province, 200 trees were planted during the Community Work - Umuganda