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Two ADEPR clerics promoted to bishop status
Published on 23-08-2016 - at 06:53' by IGIHE

The spokesperson of ADEPR Sibomana Jean and his deputy Tom Rwagasana have been promoted to bishop status.

It is the first promotion of its kind since ADEPR came to Rwanda 75 years ago since the last title in its leadership was ‘Révérend’.

Talking to IGIHE, the deputy spokesperson of ADEPR has said that the promotion is not extra-ordinary.

“The community of Pentecostal churches in East Africa also uses the title. There is no reason prohibiting us from using the title in our church since the Bible allows it,” he said.

Rwagasana said that the title was accepted by the board of ADEPR and the general assembly.

“Today ADEPR has two bishops. These are the spokesperson Sibomana Jean and his deputy Tom Rwagasana. They were confirmed by the board of the church,“ he said.

JPEG - 26.2 kb
The spokesperson of ADEPR Sibomana Jean
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The deputy spokesperson of ADEPR,Tom Rwagasana



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