Two arrested on impersonation charges

On 20 November 2017 at 08:25

Rwanda National Police have arrested two people accused of impersonation. Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu, the central region Police spokesperson identified the suspects as Antoinette Nibagwire and Eric Iradukunda arrested in Gasabo and Kicukiro districts, respectively, who were arrested separately on November 16.

He said Nibagirwa who was arrested from Rusororo sector in Kabuga village, was impersonating a Police officer.

“Nibagirwa was at the time found extorting money from people with expired drivers’ permits with a promise to renew them without due process,” Supt. Hitayezu said.

“She was found with seven driver’s permit of different people, whom she had already conned,” he added.

Meanwhile, Iradukunda was caught red-handed passing off as a local council official, ordering the closure of shops and bars in Gako Village in Masaka sector, accusing them of breaking the law.

“He was posing as an official from the sector ordering shops and bars to close alleging that they were operating beyond business hours, unless they gave him money,” said Supt. Hitayezu.

Nibagwire and Iradukunda are currently deatined in Rusororo and Masaka police stations respectively.

The spokesperson said that Nibagwire will be charged for both impersonation and extortion while Iradukunda will face charges of impersonation as stated under article 641 of the Rwandan penal code.

He also said the police was able to foil the criminal actions because of the vigilance and collaboration with residents who first “demanded their identification and called the police in the process.

If such criminal minds are left to roam, he said, they will undermine social values and economic growth, and called for vigilance and strengthened collaboration through information to foil such acts and apprehend suspects.

Source: RNP News