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Two Burundians shot dead in Rusizi
Published on 1-09-2016 - at 02:20' by IGIHE

Rwandan soldiers on patrol in Ruhwa village, Ryankana cell Bugarama sector of Rusizi district shot dead two Burundi citizens yesterday as they were crossing the border around 3:30 am and declined to identify themselves.

The spokesperson of Rwanda Defense Forces, Lt Col René Ngendahimana has told IGIHE that the incident happened as suspicion rose when Rwandan soldiers on patrol asked the group of five people who they were but did not respond.

Lt Col Ngendahimana explained that this raised suspicion, recalling the recent incident during which Burundian thieves stormed the same region and shot a Rusizi resident in the legs.

“It is true that the incident happened around the border in Ruhwa village. It was around 3:30am. The suspects crossed the border, our soldiers asked them who they are but didn’t respond,” he said.

“The incident took place in the same location where renegades from Burundi shot a Rwandan who was guarding his garden. Since soldiers know this case, they asked those people crossing the border and shot them after declining to identify themselves. Unfortunately two of them died,” he said.

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The spokesperson of Rwanda Defense Forces, Lt Col René Ngendahimana



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