Two Chinese women stabbed to death in Uganda

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 16 February 2017 saa 01:41
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Detectives on Wednesday began investigating the deaths of two Chinese nationals in the Kampala suburb of Kikoni, west of Makerere University, and the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura said they are treating the cases as murder.

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IGP Kale Kayihura addresses the Chinese officials at the scene.

Murder is defined in the Penal Code Act as the offence of an intentional killing of a person with “malice aforethought”.

Decomposing bodies of the yet unidentified women were discovered in a rented house on Wednesday morning. Each bore a stab wound, according to Gen Kayihura, who visited the building that investigators have tapped off as a crime scene.

Police say it is likely the victims were killed on the weekend or earlier.

The structure was previously used as a church until last week when another Chinese national, who detectives say they are treating as a suspect, rented it. His whereabouts are unknown.

The landlord informed Flying Squad and Scene of Crime Officers that he does not know the name of the missing tenant.

Residents of the slum neighbourhood huddled at the crime scene, some craning their necks over the fence, to catch a glimpse of preliminary police action. Many spoke in hushed tones.

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A Chinese official arriving at the crime scene in Kikoni - Makerere.

Officials from the Chinese Embassy visited the scene amid expectation by detectives that his association could provide useful information to assist in the ongoing investigations and identifying the said tenant.

Source:Daily Monitor