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Two vehicles intercepted for smuggling illegal gin
Published on 18-07-2016 - at 01:58' by Police

Police in Gicumbi District have impounded two vehicles after they were intercepted trafficking banned illicit gin into the country.

Toyota Hilux registration number RAB 394C and Toyota Corolla RAA 397P were intercepted on July 15 in Byumba sector loaded with 431 dozens of Chief Warage and 18 dozens of African Gin.

The District Police Commander, Superintendent of Police (SP) Steven Gaga said, “Residents provided us with information about a vehicle Toyota Hilux RAB 394C that was smuggling some items into the country; we immediately set up a check point.”

The vehicle had entered the country from Uganda through a porous border.

“However, before it could reach the police checkpoint, its driver identified as Theoneste Nyandwi deviated to Kibari cell where he changed the smuggled substances into Toyota Corolla RAA 397P driven by Eric Kamirindi.”

“Kamirindi proceeded and as he headed towards the checkpoint, he noticed police officers deployed, stopped the car got out and attempted to flee but Police officers pursued and arrested Nyandi who is currently held at Byumba police station,” said SP Gaga.

He thanked residents who provided information that led to the arrest and urged them to maintain the spirit.

The law governing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors in Rwanda, in its Article 24, also states that “any drink that exceeds forty five percent of alcohol and any other drink which doesn’t have the required quality for consumption shall be considered as narcotic drug.”

Article 594 of the Rwandan penal code, stipulates that, any person who, unlawfully, makes, transforms, imports, or sells narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances within the country, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of three to five years and a fine of Rwf500,000 to Rwf5 million.

Rwanda National Police pursues community policing as an effective tool to fight and prevent crimes through joint effort with the general population and other public and private institutions.



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