UAE Exchange helps needy patients at Kibagabaga Hospital

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On 22 January 2017 saa 12:23
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Needy patients at Kibagabaga Hospital in Kigali suburb were lost for words when they received an assortment of handouts that included drinks and sanitary equipment among other items to help them during the period they will live as in patients. Some patients confessed that they had done without basics for all the time they had been in the hospital.

As part of their social corporate responsibility, UAE Exchange Rwanda Country Manager, Riaz Naghoor, said it was part of their policies and culture to give back to the society by extending essential services, health care and basic necessities, especially to the society’s most vulnerable citizens. A hundred patients some of them were outpatients and children benefited from the charity outreach. He pledged to have more patients assisted by his company in the near future.

During the recent visit to the hospital, the Arab United States based financial institution that mainly deals in money transfers and currency exchange in Rwanda, donated freebies to needy patients worth Rwf600, 000.

“As a company policy we usually organize regular charity outreaches to the unprivileged people in societies where we operate from. Today’s charity visit has benefited 100 patients some of whom are children. We shall not stop on this group but we intend to help more patients in our next visits to this hospital. The donation we have given is worth Rwf600, 000 and we shall give more next time,” said Naghoor.

The hospital administration described the donation as timely saying some of their patients come from underprivileged families and quite deserved such assistance from good Samaritans.

One of the beneficiaries, Harelimana Dieudonne from Kigali sector has stayed at the Hospital for two years. Harelimana narrated his awesome fate to the donors.
He said he sustained fatal injuries when a window he was repairing fell on him only to be shocked when his own family dumped him in the Hospital and disappeared leaving him helpless.

“I am so grateful for this kind of assistance. Very few people can do this and the help has made me feel am a human being with people who love me and care for me,” he confessed.

“Since I got the accident, I sought support from the village where I live and the sector through calling authorities but they kept on saying they were not in position to help me, so I could not get all the treatment which required money to be paid for,” he added.

Irizabimbuto Fulgence from Gatumba sector of Ngororero district says that he has stayed at the hospital for five years after he was involved in an accident in 2011, which left his legs and back critically broken.

“We are happy for the visit. It has given us hope and a sense humanity as it demonstrated to us that we are still part of a larger community with people who care,” he said in his testimony.

He said that when they stay at the hospital for a long time their families abandon them and they survive on handouts from kind people.

The official in charge of social welfare at the Hospital, Ngizwenayo Scholastica, said that they always have many helpless sick people without any kind of support.

She said that people who provide support to the patients do a lot in terms of speeding up their recovery and “it is a practical therapy, indeed”.

UAE Exchange Rwanda opened shop in 2010 boasting of four branches with its Headquarters Kigali Heights in Kigali city. It operates in over 32 countries and has, so far, created jobs for 9,000 people and 15 million people have received their assistance.