UAExChange boosts Kigali malnutrition fight

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On 10 February 2017 saa 09:33
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UAExChange yesterday provided 200 liters of milk to 32 children with malnutrition related diseases including stunted growth at Nyiranuma health center located in Nyarugenge sector of Nyarugenge district, Kigali city.

Riyaz Naghoor, the head of operations at UAExchange Rwanda said that the donations are part of their charity dubbed ‘transferring happiness’ which is extended to children with stunted growth.

“Contributing to the welfare of the society is our culture at UAExChange other than currency exchange only. We are also committed to helping vulnerable members of the society to induce happiness. We have decided to join Kigali city during the week of fighting against malnutrition among children under five years through donating almost 200 liters of milk for their proper growth,” he said.

UAE Exchange is a United Arab Emirates based company dealing primarily in remittances, Foreign exchange and bill payment solutions. Founded 36 years ago, the company is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and operates through 800 officesacross 31 countries.

It has been operating in Rwanda for six years.

Nyagahinga Jean de Dieu, Nyarugenge district official in charge of health affairs said that mobilization is needed to equip parents with skills of preparing a balanced diet to eliminate malnutrition.

He lauded UAE for providing milk to fight malnutrition.

The week devoted to fighting against malnutrition among under five children in Nyarugenge started on 6th to be closed on 10th February 2017 where parents were taught on how to prepare balanced diet to enhance better growth of Rwandan children.

Over 100 children in Nyarugenge district are assisted at health centers to recover from malnutrition related diseases.

A total of 38% of children across the country suffer from stunted growth, 9% have weight not matching with their age while 3% suffer from hunger.

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One of the children receiving milk packages
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Parents with their children after receiving milk packages