Uganda:Ankole Diocese Christians reconcile

Published by Daily Monitor
On 25 October 2016 saa 02:04
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Christians in Sheema District had fallen out with those from Bushenyi over former West Ankole Diocese Bishop Yona Katoneene.

Sheema- Christians in Sheema District have agreed to reconcile with those from Bushenyi whom they clashed with as a result of their disagreement with former West Ankole Diocese Bishop Yona Katoneene.

Bishop Katoneene who was at loggerheads with some Christians from Sheema District, calling themselves Sheema Stakeholders, for nearly five years retired early this month.

The group’s disagreement with the bishop stemmed from a plan to relocate Ankole Western University from Sheema to Bushenyi, and alleged poor accountability of church funds.

Last Saturday, more than 150 Christians from Sheema, Bushenyi, Mitooma and Rubirizi districts met at Emmanuel Church of Uganda in Kabwohe where they stressed that reconciliation was important for creating harmony.

“Let us not go back to those days because God has been merciful to bring us together. Good enough the person we disagreed with has retired, we shall this time start afresh and focus on building our diocese,” said Mr Yowasi Makaaru, the Sheema Stakeholders chairman.

Kabwohe Archdeacon Rev Canon Godfrey Bejuura, called upon the Christians in West Ankole Diocese to promote the diocese beyond their personal interests.

The chairman of the crusade for peace and reconciliation group, Meshach Nuwabeine Bagarukayo, called for a smooth reconciliation process.