Uganda:Four people die in murder revenge attack

Published by Daily Monitor
On 1 September 2016 saa 02:51
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Others victims are nursing injuries at Kaproron Health Centre.

Kween- Four people have been confirmed dead after a mob attacked a group of mourners in Kapkwata, Chema Sub-county, Kapchorwa District

The mourners were members of Kapkwech clan.

Seven people who are in critical condition and admitted at Kapchorwa Hospital. Others are nursing injuries at Kaproron Health Centre III.

The Tuesday incident happened in Chekwir village, after Kapkwech clan members tried to inquire about the Monday killing of their relative, a 63-year-old Yudes Yeko.

She was killed by a mob for allegedly bewitching the late Moses Seluk (Kaplelon clan) who died on Sunday after an illness.

Mr Sam Cherop, a resident of Chekwir told Daily Monitor that the Kapkech clan members arrived on two trucks and moved to the house where the body of Moses Seluk was and started hitting the coffin.

“Others attackers burnt the granary while the rest set fire on neighbouring houses,” Mr Cherop said.

He said the people who were attacked mobilised and chased after the attackers who were retreating on their trucks.

They mounted a roadblock where the trucks were stopped.

The mobs that were manning the roadblocks started throwing all kinds of objects that included stones and sticks at the occupants of the trucks killing three people on spot.

Mr Robert Chemonges, a survivor says he saw how the attack unfolded and can even identify some people who attacked them.

“I saw them dying. They threw very big and sharp stones at us and I saw stones landing on most victims,” said.

“When most of us were injured, they got into the truck and one wanted to hit my head with a big metal but I obstructed it with my hand three times. My hand is now swollen,” Mr Chemonges, who sustained injuries, said at Kaproron health centre where he got first aid.

The trucks were burnt beyond repair.

Mr Jasper Kipruto who attended to the casualties says several people are recovering but others were referred to Kapchorwa Hospital for further management.

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The trucks that were burnt in the attack. Photo by Joyce Joyce Chemitai