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Uganda:Man kills wife over sex, hands in self
Published on 31-07-2016 - at 02:52' by Daily Monitor

Badru Mwima had always been violent, this time, his beating seemed like the usual hitting that came after the daily fight with his wife Juliet Khainza. But he took her life after Khainza denied him conjugal rights.

On September 26, 2014, residents of Bwirya village in Himutu Sub-county, Butaleja District woke up to shocking sight of an unidentified dead body lying in a pool of blood. The body looked like it was of a woman.

It all started at 9pm on the night of September 25, when Badru Mwima developed a misunderstanding with his wife Juliet Khainza and they had a quarrel for more than 20 minutes over conjugal rights.

Khainza had just served her two children Edirisa Egesa and Abubakar Wahima supper when they started quarrelling. Both children were below five years. Shortly after supper, the young children started sleeping near the fire place.
As they argued, Mwima lost his temper and tried to hit his wife with a stick, but the woman took off, forcing Mwima to run after her.

When the wife fell down, Mwima hit her twice, with a stick before she collapsed and died instantly.
After killing her, he rushed back home and picked his children from the kitchen to the main house to sleep. But he could not sleep.

Information further indicates that the woman accused the man of marrying a second wife and failure to provide her with basic necessities such as food, soap and clothes.

On September 26 at 4am, he handed himself to Kanghalamba Police Station and told the officer on duty, Ms Joyce Kayendeke, that he had killed his wife. But he refused to tell police officers where the body was.

Kayendeke informed her colleague, Corporal Martin Okwalingha, about the incident and rushed to the police station. When Cpl Okwalingha interrogated the suspect, he assured him that he had killed his wife. Cpl Okwalingha then arrested him as investigations went on.

However, as police at Kanghalamba started hatching plans to search for the body, they received a call from residents informing them about the presence of a body in their area.
The officer in-charge Kanghalamba Police Post then informed the then Butaleja District Criminal Intelligence and Investigation boss, Ms Vincent Otyeng, about the matter.
Otyeng together with other police officers from Butaleja central police station rushed to the scene. They took the body to Busolwe hospital mortuary for a post-mortem. Police later handed over the body to the deceased’s relatives for burial.

News spread about the incident. Relatives of the deceased and residents got so angry about what had happened to their daughter and a friend that they wanted the suspect [Mwima] lynched.

But police led by the district CIID, Mr Otyeng, called for re-enforcement from Butaleja Central Police Station before the mob could lynch the suspect.
The angry residents and relatives of the deceased went on rampage. They burnt houses, a banana plantation and two cows belonging to the suspect.

On that very day, police headed by Otyeng visited the scene.
Otyeng assigned D/Cpl Yefusa Opio to investigate the case.
D/Cpl Opio with other detectives and scenes-of-crime officers visited the scene and took a number of photos of both the scene and the dead body as evidence to help in the investigations.

They interrogated eyewitnesses including the area LC1 chairperson.

The team of detectives interrogated the suspect, who confessed to killing his wife but maintained that it was an accident.

“The deceased had been accusing me of marrying a second wife. And when I came back from the trading centre, she started abusing me seriously,” the suspect said in his statement.
He recalled that he hit his wife with a stick and died on spot, adding that after the incident, he decided to go back to his house and sleep.

Later, it was found that the husband had seized the wife’s phone to jeopardise investigations.



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