Uganda:Police fail to identify van, driver involved in knocking Besigye supporter

Published by Daily Monitor
On 19 August 2016 saa 02:29
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The police have failed to identify its driver who appeared to have knocked down Dr Kizza Besigye’s supporter last month.

The police have failed to identify its driver who appeared to have knocked down Dr Kizza Besigye’s supporter last month.

Despite Daily Monitor identifying the number plates of the police vehicles that were trailing Dr Besigye, Mr Fortunate Habyara, the commandant of the police Professional Standards Unit (PSU), said they have failed to identify the exact vehicle that deliberately knocked the civilian.
“It is challenging us to identify the driver and the truck. The video footages we got from NTV and NBS do not clearly show that spot neither the truck number plate,” Mr Habyara said on telephone on Wednesday.

Mr Habyara also attributed the failure in their investigations to the victim who has since failed to turn up to record a statement. This, he, said has left them wondering whether it was a genuine or a photo shopped footage.

“We are now wondering why the victim has failed to appear to any of our police stations to recording a statement. We don’t know whether it was a real video or it as an application of technology,” Mr Habyara said.

However, Mr Habyara said they will not relent until they identify the suspect. He said they have summoned all the drivers and they were going to use the elimination method to identify the suspect

The Deputy Police spokesperson, Mr Polly Namaye, also says the search for the driver is still underway.

“We are using internal mechanisms to help us identify the vehicle, the driver and the victim as well as circumstances surrounding that incident so as to ensure justice, “she says.

The police pickup trucks were identified as UP 4916 (the lead car), UP 5442, UP 5471 and UP4832. Some of these police patrol vehicle had Military Police personnel in army uniforms and donning red berets.

The Daily Monitor identified the man seen in the footage trampling the civilian who had been already knocked down by a police truck as Mr Yusuf Lubowa. He has previously worked with police officers in operations trailing Dr Besigye and is said to be a leader of the Boda Boda National Security group which works with police in operations, especially in Kampala.

Boda Boda National Security is under the Boda Boda 2010 group led by Mr Abdallah Kitata, a ruling National Resistance Movement mobiliser and alleged close confidant of the police leadership.

Mr Lubowa was spotted donning a red cap and a blue shirt mobilising bodaboda cyclists last Wednesday when the pro- Kayihura mobs besieged Makindye Court in protest of the IGP’s prosecution.