Uganda to Deploy More Reservists in Somalia

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On 26 November 2012 saa 06:15
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Uganda government has recalled 2,000 former UPDF soldiers to be deployed in Somalia, under the African Union Mission to Somalia – AMISOM.

The announcement to recall former soldiers for deployment in Somalia comes weeks after the government threatened to withdraw its forces from all foreign countries including Somalia to consolidate internal security.

Uganda military official said Monday that the soldiers to be recalled include those who retired as UPDF soldiers and auxiliary forces. The auxiliary forces include the Local Defence Units, Amuka and Arrow Boys.

"Only those who were trained by the UPDF and fought alongside the army to defeat rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army in northern Uganda, Allied Democratic Forces in Rwenzori region and cattle rustlers in Karamoja region," a military source said.

Government further says the former fighters would be re-trained before being deployed in Somalia to replace Uganda Battle Group 9.

However, the military says that deserters and those who were dismissed with disgrace would not be considered.

In March, Uganda deployed up to 1,700 reservists in Somalia and their nine-month contract expires in January next year.