Umuhire Tells Court she Killed Dr. Mbukani

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On 11 January 2013 saa 01:22
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The wife of slain Dr. Radjabu Mbukani admitted to Nyarugenge court that she indeed killed her husband on December 29, 2012 when he was reported missing.

Umuhire Marie Louise(above) January 10, told court she invited her husband to her house at Nyamirambo sector to visit their two daughters whom she had said were sick.

"My husband came in the house. I asked him for the money we agreed for childcare. He said he was not a Bank.”

The woman said she immediately called other men who were around and came in and hit him on his head killing him instantly.

Other suspects who helped the woman in her plans are Jean Paul Cyuma, Hagenima Vital, Sekanyambo J. Baptiste and Tuyisenge Clarisse
Muhire Marie Louise pleaded guilty.

Cyuma J. Paul and Vital Hagenimana have also pleaded guilty and asked for forgiveness.

Tuyisenge Clarisse pleaded not guilty. She said she only helped her sister Umuhire to look for strong men to help moving the body of the deceased, she knew nothing of Umuhire’s criminal plan.

Photo:Cyuma Jean Paul and Haganimana Vital