UN ‘peace keepers’ abandoning of Tutsi was cowardice, inhuman

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 12 April 2017 saa 12:28
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The Speaker of Parliament, Mukabalisa Donatille has scoffed at the cowardice demonstrated by United Nations ‘peace keepers’ that left the country as Tutsi were being massacred during the 1994 genocide saying it left a great lesson to Rwandans of seeking own solutions other than relying on the external world.

He made the notice yesterday during the remembrance of Tutsi killed in Nyanza of Kicukiro after UN soldiers (MINUAR) abandoned them.

Tutsi that had fled to Eto Kicukiro were attacked by Interahamwe which gathered them in Nyanza of Kicukiro, shot them while others were killed by big sticks and machetes.

Mukabalisa said such killings could not happen had UN soldiers accomplished their mission.

“They were killed after UN soldiers sent to maintain peace in Rwanda returned home leaving Tutsi in jaws of fierce killers. They lacked humanity to protect the victims,” she said.

“They knew early preparations of such killings but never counteracted genocide but rather left as people were slaughtered. Such incidents create strength to seek own solutions from our culture, self-dignity and self-reliance,” she added.

Rwizigirangabo Irene, a genocide survivor who narrated survival circumstances testified that Tutsi in the region were killed by Interahamwe the same day MINUAR abandoned them.

“We recall how United Nations soldiers abandoned Tutsi yet they had come to Rwanda on a peacekeeping mission. I question such peace preservation because they really knew what is taking place before their arrival,” said Mukabalisa.

“They received daily reports. We and friends would repeatedly report what happened at the time. It is clear that those who considered themselves powerful could not react because they were behind preparation of genocide and sponsoring its execution,” she added.

Mukabalisa lauded bravery of RPF-Inkotanyi soldiers for stopping genocide.

The memorial at Nyanza in Kicukiro accommodates over 11,000 remains of Tutsi killed in Nyanza taken from Eto Kicukiro, Gahanga, Gatenga, Kagarama and Niboyi among others.

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The Speaker of Parliament, Mukabalisa Donatille lighting the flame of hope yesterday as victims of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi were commemorated in Kicukiro.
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The Speaker of Parliament, Mukabalisa Donatille laying wreaths at Nyanza memorial.