Use of surveillance cameras curbs Expo thefts

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On 9 August 2016 saa 06:20
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International Trade Expo held in Rwanda annually is among events attended by thousands of people creating need for tight security maintenance.

Surveillance Cameras made by Dynamic Solutions Ltd (DY-Solutions) have been applied to control what is going on at different corners of the Expo since 2014 identified 15 people in stealing attempts creating fears among others with similar ill-intentions.Since then Dynamic Solutions was awarded to supply such cameras to maintain security.

The Private Sector Federation Chief Advocacy Officer, Nkusi Mukubu Gerard has told IGIHE that theft cases were many before surveillance cameras were introduced but have since gone down.

“These surveillance cameras have brought fruitful results in the past five years we have used them. Theft cases were common and recovering stolen items was not easy. Today 95% of stolen property can be recovered since we use professional cameras,” he said.

Mukubu attributed the easy process of recovery to recorded evidence which helps security personnel to identify suspects.

The Managing director of Dynamic Solutions Ltd (DY-Solutions), Serge Rusagara said that surveillance cameras help in diverse activities including monitoring different corners of the expo.

“Use of surveillance cameras builds confidence among exhibiters as they can leave their products in safety as they go back home. Our cameras are positioned on expo grounds and controlled by police full time,” he said.

He explained that their cameras can be used to control households security and can be connected to internet ,a technology that enables the service user to see what is happening at home from wherever.

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Surveillance cameras help in diverse activities including monitoring different corners of the expo