We are united by universal values and principles—Kagame

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 19 April 2017 saa 05:43
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President Paul Kagame has addressed the National Assembly of Djibouti where he has highlighted the importance of Africa states’ need to complement each other to reach development goals and overcome challenges.

Kagame noted that much as Rwanda and Djibouti do not share borders, the distance between both countries is not an obstacle to friendship.

He lauded Djibouti’s rapid development saying it has had an impact beyond its borders.

Kagame said that Rwanda and Djibouti have common aspirations for a stable, prosperous, continent, where all Africans live in dignity.

“We seek the same things for our people: education, health, knowledge and prosperity. An essential element of Rwanda’s development strategy is integration, both economic and political with partner states,” said Kagame.

“Africa has everything needed to create the opportunities for a hopeful present, and a bright future, for all of us.We are united by universal values and principles, but each country’s challenges are unique,” he added.

Kagame explained that the most successful nations have a clear understanding of their own circumstances, history and needs of citizens. He called African nations to speak as one voice ‘whatever challenges we face collectively and in our respective countries’.

Kagame has also talked on Rwanda-Djibouti relations calling for improved relations between citizens of both countries.

“We want more Rwandans and Djiboutians to visit each other, learn from each other, and invest in each other’s countries.We are making good progress in ensuring that our close bilateral cooperation results into tangible benefits for our people.The solidarity between Rwanda and Djibouti is a firm foundation for our joint pursuit of social and economic transformation. We look forward to deepening our partnership in the years ahead," he said.

President Kagame left has also visited Djibouti’s Port of Doraleh, marking the end of two-day State visit accompanied by First Lady and government officials.

President Kagame arrived in Djibouti where he and the delegation that accompanied him have signed various agreements regarding air transport, investment, cooperation in technology, removing visa costs for diplomats and service passports along with establishing a joint commission of both countries.