We do things the way we believe is good for us-Kagame

On 15 December 2017 at 05:35

President Paul Kagame and the Chairman for Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF)-Inkotanyi has said that Rwandans should not be strayed by misguided theories of so-called governance experts, rather do things the way they believe is the best for them.

Kagame was speaking Friday in RPF’s Congress in Kigali ahead of 30 year anniversary main event slated on Saturday

He said about 23 years ago, Rwanda was being looked as a failed state or just on the way to be the state.

“When they were proven wrong, they changed the narrative that we would be a failed state in the distant future,” he said.

“We must not be strayed by misguided theories of so-called governance experts. We do things the way we believe the way is better for us,” he said.

Speaking on human capital to drive Rwanda’s journey of transformation, Kagame said that “it is not that we don’t have the human resource, we just do not have enough to drive this going by our pace,”

Kagame said that Rwandans should not be shy in their interests.

“As long as we have looked into it and its implications, we cannot look for approval from anywhere else,” he noted.

Kagame was speaking after the panel discussion of former African Development Bank Group President, Dr. Donald kaberuka, Rwanda Mining and Petroleum Board Chief Executive Officer, Francis Gatare; the US based Lifting and Empowering All Families Pharmaceuticals CEO, Dr. Clet Niyikiza and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Community, Louise Mushikiwabo.

Their discussions revolved around the topic ‘Shaping Rwanda for Global Challenges’.

On the panel, Kaberuka urged the youth to find solutions for their own problems within Africa, rather than looking for greener pastures outside the continent.