Western Province: RPC calls for Community policing ownership

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On 29 April 2017 saa 02:16
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The Regional Police Commander for the Western Province, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Emmanuel Karasi has called upon residents of Rubavu District to enhance their partnership in crime prevention and ensuring safety.

He made the call on April 27, in a community meeting held in Gisenyi Sector and also attended by the Mayor of Rubavu, Jeremie Sinamenye along with representatives of other security organs, and local leaders.

ACP Karasi told hundreds of residents that crime detection and prevention is not only the responsibility of uniformed officers but also a duty of every Rwandan.

He outlined drug trafficking, smuggling, theft as some of the common crimes in the district they should give emphasis to fight in collaboration with police and local leaders.

“Narcotic drugs come in through porous borders that some of you may know; we urge you to always inform security organs about those porous entries so that we can collectively keep our country safe. The ill-effects of these illicit drugs are not limited to a certain group of people; everyone can be affected and that’s why we have to fight them with all efforts combined,” said the RPC.

He went on to note that majority of the criminals are arrested due to timely information provided by residents.

Talking about smuggling, the RPC said: “smuggling severely harms the economy of a country in multidimensional ways. It undermines the local industry, discourages legal imports and reduces the volume of revenues collected from duties and levies. This in return frustrates development of a nation since there is little money to invest in areas like infrastructures.”

During the same meeting, the Mayor appealed to residents to forge a close partnership with security organs, precisely the police echoing the impact of partnership in security and development.