When drivers move to break supply chain of drug traffickers

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On 6 November 2016 saa 11:41
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Driver especially those of public commuters have continued to display a community policing gesture against drug dealers that attempt to use their means of transport to traffic narcotic drugs from one part of the country to another.

On November 5, a driver bus belonging to Select travel agency along Kigali-Rusumo highway, decided to drive the passenger vehicle to a police post in Mukarange Sector of Kayonza District after suspecting one of the people on board to be a drug dealer.

Police spokesperson for the Eastern Province, Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi, said: “At about 5:30am, police in Kayonza received a phone call from a driver of one of the select buses that was bound to Kigali from Rusumo, reporting one of the passengers on board whom he suspected to be containing cannabis in his luggage.”

“He then stopped at a roadblock that was immediately mounted in Kayonza town where officers entered in, checked his luggage which was found to be parked with 10kgs of cannabis and he was immediately taken into custody,” he added.

IP Kayigi identified the suspect as Emmanuel Habumugisha, 33, who had boarded the bus in Kirehe town and headed to Kigali, where he was apparently taking the drugs.

He is currently detained at Mukarange Police station as investigations on the likely involvement of other individuals, continue.

Meanwhile, the driver (name withheld) said that “it’s my responsibility as well to ensure the safety of fellow Rwandans because if I don’t report such drug traffickers, tomorrow will be my children, relatives or friends who will fall victims abusing drugs.”

In July, another driver along Kigali-Rusumo road also drove a drug trafficker to a police post where he was checked and found in possession of 8kgs of cannabis.

Last month, the driver of Matunda Express – a local travel agency– called the police also in Kirehe reporting two men, who had concealed at least 30 kilogrammes of cannabis in traveling bags.

Kirehe is on spot as the main transit route for drug traffickers in the Eastern region, which has since called for Rwanda National Police intensified operations and awareness to combat the vice.

“In the past, drivers were perceived to be major players and facilitators in trafficking drugs but due to strengthened awareness campaigns and forging a strong bond with transporters, were are seeing a positive response, which is commendable in breaking the chain of drug suppliers,” IP Kayigi said.