Who killed 17 clergy at Centre Christus as 1994 genocide against the Tutsi began?

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On 13 April 2017 saa 03:24
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The 1994 genocide against the Tutsi left over a million innocent people murdered over 100 days of man slaughter. Clerics and nuns were among those who perished during the genocide. At the beginning of genocide EX-FAR soldiers woke up in the wee hours , went to Centre Christus (a center accommodating clerics and nuns) located in Remera sector,Gasabo district of Kigali city and shot dead priests and nuns who were praying.

A total of 17 clergymen and women were at Centre Christus in the night of 6th April 1994 praying for a colleague who was about to fly to Europe.

The dead included one priest in Jesuit Congregation from the Democratic of Congo who had arrived at Centre Christus a day earlier in transition to Israel and eight nuns that had completed canonical courses.

All the priests and nuns were all killed as Father Martin Mudenderi chief priest of Centre Christus shared during their remembrance last night.

“One of them was a priest from Congo who had to travel to Israel the following day along with nuns who joined others to pray for him. They were killed in the morning of 7th April 1994 in the chapel. Returning from Kenya, I found remains of bullets that killed them and blood on the floor,” he said.

Father Budenderi explained their death remains a mystery.

“We hear that they were killed by soldiers. We have not yet established why they preferred coming here in the morning to kill. Some people say the head of this center was a friend of Habyarimana’s family and were killed as things turned upside down; others say he would often visit Inkotanyi in CND. We also get information that killers wanted to execute members of Josephite Congregation and confused them with Jesuit Congregation while others attribute killings to the fact that people suspected to host spies had fled to this center in February 1994 after the murder of Gatabazi,” he said.

The Minister of Sports and Culture, Uwacu Julienne has requested religious leaders to build spiritualism among members so they can totally abandon genocide ideology, divisionism among other evil acts.

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The memorial of killed 17 clergy at Centre Christus as 1994 genocide against the Tutsi began.
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Father Martin Mudenderi laying wreaths at the memorial of perished priests and nuns.