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Whoever returns to FDLR will be cursed—Bosenibamwe
Published on 24-07-2016 - at 06:51' by Théophile Niyitegeka

The Governor of Northern Province, Bosenibamwe Aimé has requested all former FDLR combatants to avoid deviating from acquired civic education and welcomed them in their families.

He made the remarks yesterday as he presided over the completion of training for 58 former FDLR militia who completed the 57th intake of civic courses at Mutobo, Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Camp for ex-soldiers located in Northern Province.

Mutobo trainings are organized by the National Commission of Unity and Reconciliation.

Bosenibamwe reminded them to feel proud for the country and keep away from FDLR and mobilize others remaining in forests to repatriate peacefully.

“Whoever will attempt to return to FDLR will obtain cursing since no one can be secured if he/she betrays his nation. You are required to mobilize others to repatriate from forests and come to Rwanda,” he said.

The former fighters include four women who unveiled that they decided to return to their motherland after realizing how they wasted time in DRC forests living with FDLR characterized by genocide ideology and divisionism.

Lacking education access for children, health facilities and making no progress for 20 years are some of what the former FDLR militia said aroused their desire to return home.

“We have wasted much time over genocide ideology which is spread by FDLR. They remain with nothing except threatening people, abducting them and stealing public properties, “said Major Karemera Innocent, former FDLR militia.

Another former FDLR militia, Captain Nyirimpeta Aphrodis said that FDLR has been weakened, with a handful of fighters and filled with internal strife.

More than 11 000 former FDLR militia have been gone through civic training at Mutobo, a Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration camp.

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The Governor of Northern Province, Bosenibamwe Aimé



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