Women urged to be active in fight against GBV and child abuse

Published by Police
On 6 June 2017 saa 09:07
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Police in Rubavu District met with members of the National Women’s Council and urged them to strengthen their effort in raising awareness and fight against gender based violence.

The women are from the sectors of Rugerero, Nyundo, Kanama, Rubavu, Nyakiriba and Kanzenze.

While addressing the women in Rubavu, the District Community Liaison Officer, Inspector of Police (IP) Solange Nyiraneza, said: “We must all stand up and say enough is enough; let’s not just talk…let’s be guided by actions against gender based violence and child abuse.”

“Police has been at the forefront in the fight against these vices but the success of this campaign rests in the hands and hearts of everyone and you in particular,” added IP Nyiraneza.

The district coordinator of the women council, Pacifique Ishimwe noted that the government has put in place various strategies to further combat the two crimes including the scale up of Isange One Stop Centre to all district hospitals across.

She added that fighting Gender Based Violence and Child abuse is in line with ensuring community safety, respecting human rights, and accelerating individual and national development.

“A safe citizen and a well-grown child ultimately become responsible citizens, good leaders or successful entrepreneurs. Protecting the community is therefore protecting the future of the nation,” Ishimwe said.

Similar separate consultative meetings were also held in the sectors of Nyarugenge, Nyamirambo and Kimisagara of Nyarugenge District.