’Work Hard & Avoid Conflicts’ —Kagame Says

Published by Olivier Rubibi
On 17 January 2013 saa 01:36
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Residents of Nyamasheke district in western province of Rwanda have been advised to work hard and end poverty and refrain from conflicts.

President Paul Kagame made the remarks while addressing thousands of area residents gathered at EAV Ntendezi’s secondary school urging them to increase their dignity.

“No Rwandan must live on begging. We must work together in a way of achieving our purposes and protect our properties,” Kagame said adding that “All Rwandans should ensure they have good health.”

The president advised residents to improve the agricultural and livestock sector.

“Create a relationship with your neighbours of DRC, Instead of spending your time on making conflicts, one worst character of Africans,” Kagame Said.

Speaking to the people, President Kagame said that the government of Rwanda will continue to build power plants around the country and encourage people to work in cooperatives.

He reminded residents to bear in mind where the country came from and where it’s going, “Our country met with big challenges we cannot respect anyone who wants to change us.”

Residents questions to the president focused mostly on violence and injustice.