World biggest healthcare students’ conference to take place in Kigali

On 13 November 2017 at 08:57

The World Healthcare Students’ Symposium (WHSS), a multi-professional five day conference is scheduled on 23rd to 27th November in Kigali.

With the theme ‘tackling the work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’, the conference will involve all stakeholders and shareholders at the same level on addressing various global issues such as climate change, high poverty levels, and lack of good health.

The symposium will bring together healthcare students and professionals from all over the world to discuss and develop skills concerning health professions.

Under the courtesy of University of Rwanda and Rwanda Pharmaceutical Students Association, Rwanda will be the first sub-Saharan African country to host the World Healthcare Students Symposium after unanimously winning the bid.

The conference is hosting a Hackathon with new features and an important new connection that looks at the educational and technological aspect. The Hackathon will be held in conjunction with CAM-Tech Uganda, the healthcare industry’s premiere innovation programme.

Hackathon participants, speakers and sponsors will be able to interact in the conference, which showcases some of the most advanced courses and technologies in medicine.

Expected to attract over 100 Hackers, the sponsors and companies can pitch challenges to the Hackers to bring awareness to the cooperative approach of patient-centered care in order to optimize health outcomes when different health professionals and students collaborate.

The World Healthcare Students Symposium is the world’s biggest student conference that provides a unique platform for delegates to learn, discuss and draw inspiration from eminent speakers, policy makers and renowned global health leaders through scientific, educational and cultural programs.

The last 'World Healthcare Students’ Symposium' that took place in Macedonia