World Wants to Define Africa Because Africa Doesn’t Define Itself-Kagame

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On 24 January 2013 saa 12:47
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While addressing audiences on “De-risking Africa: How are Africa’s leaders mitigating investment risk in Africa’s economies?” in Davos, President Kagame challenged the audience to look beyond the rhetoric of risk that often surrounds Africa.

He said that the major problem that Africa has is that it cannot define itself by writing its own story.

“The major problem is that Africa’s story is written from somewhere else and not by African. That is why the rest of the world looks at Africa and wants to define it.

They want to shape the perception about Africa. The best we can do for ourselves is to own our problems, own our solutions and write our stories.” Kagame said.

He added that the later will also give the continent the right definition about the level of risks, real risks and the perception part of it and that will also be put in its right place.

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa and President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria all echoed President Kagame’s point on the need to change the global perception of Africa.

“Is Africa risky more than any other region in the world? It looks like there is a perception about Africa which needs to be dealt with. There is evidence that Africa is growing...that African leaders have collectively come together to do things to move Africa forward,” President Jacob Zuma explained.

President Kagame’s first day at the forum was also marked by the launch of the first commodities exchange-the East Africa Commodities exchange.

President Kagame ended the day with a dinner hosted by founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum Prof Schwab and wife Mrs. Schwab.