You’re of great value, Premier Ngirente tells Youth

On 11 December 2017 at 10:02

Prime Minister Dr. Eduard Ngirente has said that , youth have great role to play in Rwanda and African development.

Ngirente was speaking Sunday at the closing ceremony of the 16th Forum of youth from Catholic Church in Rwanda at Umuganda Stadium in Rubavu District.

The Forum attracted 5,000 youth from Catholic church and invitees from other churches in Rwanda and outside the country.

The forum aimed at fostering humanity among youth.

He said that youth take a big percentage of Africa’s population and should play a big role in its development.

"For the Government of Rwanda and African countries in general, youth have great value, they are the hope of today and tomorrow, they occupy the big number of Africans and have the potential to develop our continent," he said.

"In Rwanda, 65% of population are below age 30, more capable than others to quickly acquire knowledge that would help us be a ’Knowledge-based economy ’," he added.

He called on them to avoid bad behaviours like drunkardness, divisionism, laziness, coward and adultery among others that could lead to ruining their future

"We want you to be visionary and committed to contribute in all development activities. you should invest in learning and using ICT as a way to open doors for opportunities from inside and outside the country," Ngirente urged youth.

Premier Ngirente speaks to youth
The Forum attracted over 5,000 youth