Youth in Ngororero embark on ‘security and hygiene’ campaign

Published by Police
On 29 September 2016 saa 11:35
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About 350 youth from Muhororo Sector of Ngororero District, last week, joined efforts to raise awareness to promote security and hygiene as inevitable factors to ensure public safety.

The meeting was organized by members of Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing (RYVCP) in Ngororero and Police.

The District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO), Inspector of Police (IP) Alexandre Minani, who thanked the role the youth play in fronting the ideals of community policing noted that security and hygiene are two factors that complement each other.

“Where there is no hygiene, it means there is no security because unhygienic society is an insecure one. Sanitation and hygiene means a healthy people and free from diseases which can also be the source of insecurity,” IP Minani said.

Sanitation and hygiene, he noted, are a human security factors that improve the quality of life.

“A community that lacks hygiene is prone to diseases and the end result is that people are not at peace which creates insecurities. You are the voice of safety, security, peace and development and that goes with promoting hygiene as well,” he said.

Besides security and hygiene, the youth were also reminded to strengthen efforts to fight all forms of negative peer influence like drug trafficking and abuse, human trafficking and corruption, gender based violence by reporting those involved.

Isaac Maniraguha, the youth coordinator of Ngororero and Fabien Habimana, the coordinator of Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing (RYVCP) in the district, also attended the meeting,

They emphasized the power of the youth in changing communities and urged them to be the eye and voice of their communities to promote security and development.