Zambian Law Prevents Extradition of Genocide Suspects

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On 26 November 2012 saa 08:16
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Rwanda has demanded the Zambia to consider extraditing Genocide fugitives living in the southern country despite an existing extradition treaty between the two countries.

Zambian media last week reported that Rwanda’s request to the Zambian Government for extradition of six Genocide suspects cannot go through due to lack of an extradition arrangement between the two countries.

Prosecutor General, Martin Ngoga, said Zambia’s response to Rwanda’s request was “simplistic” as it does not consider the gravity of the crime committed.

“This is a very simplistic response that does not take into account the gravity of the crime these suspects stand accused of."

Ngoga added, "I am not disputing what the Minister says is the requirement under Zambian law but the fact is (that) all efforts we have made to move the procedure forward have not been given due attention”.

The Prosecutor General added that “absence of reciprocal agreement is something that can be addressed in a very short time if authorities in Zambia were willing to move forward."

"Do you remember that a Rwandan national who tried to mingle into their politics was deported in just a week?”

The Times of Zambia reported that, Zambian Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister, Dr. Effron Lungu, told Parliament that the Extradition Act, Chapter 94 of the Laws of Zambia could only allow extradition of fugitives if there was an agreement on reciprocal basis.