Zirumuze Clinic: Eradicating diseases using natural medicine

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On 5 May 2017 saa 04:49
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Zirumuze New Life Clinic, a herbal medicine and treatment facility, has made strides in using natural medicine to successfully treat and manage various diseases.

Herbs constitute a major component of traditional and modern medicine. Rwanda’s development is founded on different pillars including the health sector that has modern and traditional medicine.

This complementarity between traditional and modern medicine is also reflected in the fact that the National Itorero Commission (NIC) considers practitioners from both for civic education to strengthen their values as they exercise the delivery of health services.

Fourteen years on the course of treating people with natural medicine from inside and outside the country, Samuel Nyakarundi, the Managing Director of Zirumuze Clinic, a researcher in natural medicine and public health officer, reveals to IGIHE that he has found out that well-practiced traditional medicine has a great bearing on human health.

He draws the conclusion from a number of people who have been treated successful by Zirumuze Clinic using natural medicine and healed of different ailments that had resisted modern medicine.

“Since we started, we have cured 90% of patients from Entamoeba Histolytica, using our natural medicine called Rubagantare (in local language). This medicine is in form of capsule and liquid. Patients who used it testify that Rubagantare cures amoeba and its effects,” said Nyakarundi.

While many people say that amoeba keeps reoccurring over some time even when it has been cured, Nyakarundi says that it is now seven years since they treated a good number of people from amoeba and it has never reoccurred as treated people testify.

Zirumuze Clinic has so far successfully treated hepatitis B and C at 60% and 65% respectively, blood pressure at 85%, epilepsies at 80%, sexual impotence with male and female at 90%. People with obesity have been cured at 75%, diabetes at 65%, prostate at 85%, kidney at 70%, stomachache at 80%, persistent headache at 75%, asthma at 70%, rheumatism at 75% and female genital diseases at 75%.

Nyakarundi explains that at least 9000 people have been cured from amoeba out of 10,000 who turned up to Zirumuze Clinic in the last 12 years. “We don’t just do a guess work, we do treat people and they attest to their recovery,” he said.

Nyakarundi says that Zirumuze Clinic employs only professionals who are able to explain to patients about the use of any medicine and its effects on their health.

Zirumuze Clinic premises

Kigali: Zirumuze Clinic headquarters are located at Muhima on the road to ‘La fraicheur’ near former Nyabugogo market. It is in a blue two-storey building above the Monica salons. You can phone us on +250 784 647 369

Musanze: Zirumuze Clinic is located in Musanze grocery market in room 69 just behind the parking of Taximoto. You can phone us on +250 784 647 166

Rubavu: Zirumuze Clinic is located in Gisenyi Bus Terminal in room 14. You can phone us on +250 784 647 265

You can also reach us via +250 788 863 221 or +250 783 072 727 and on WhatsApp at
+250 728 863 221 or visit our website: www.zirumuze.com. You can also send us email to: [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

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Samuel Nyakarundi, MD of Zirumuze Clinic displaying the natural medicine called Rubagantare
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Rubagantare Capsules, natural medicine for amoeba is available at Zirumuze Clinic
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Samuel Nyakarundi, MD of Zirumuze Clinic, posing for a photo in his office
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Some of the professional medical practitioners working at Zirumuze Clinic

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Zirumuze Clinic offers a wide range of natural medicine types
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Zirumuze Clinic’s employee in their premises in Musanze Distrit
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Zirumuze premises at Muhima, Kigali

By Jean d’Amour Mugabo