More should be done in Education –voters

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On 26 July 2017 saa 10:00
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As the presidential campaigns continue to get in high gear, the three candidates have continued to solicit for votes by explaining their manifestos and what they will do if elected to the highest office of the land.

While education is one of the key elements that is featuring in the ongoing presidential campaigns, some of the voters interviewed by IGIHE feel more is needed to improve the quality of education in tertiary institutions. Residents of Gatsibo admitted that President Kagame did well to introduce the 12-year basic education program, but then they feel that the program should be extended to the university level in this district and other places.

Ernestine Tuyisenge, 23, from Remera Sector, who completed the basic education level, hopes that whoever is elected should extend the program proportionally to the national and up to the university level.

She said, “For instance, in this District, we have one faculty at the University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB), which operates from Kiramuruzi, and not all of us can join the institution because of limited resources.”

“If you fail to graduate from basic education level, you end up failing to get what to do, on top of failing to get admitted to other colleges where we can improve on our academic qualifications. We need technical skills to develop ourselves in our field.”

The same opinion was emphasized by Emmanuel Dushimirimana from Rwimbogo Sector. He thinks that establishing a technical institute in each district is what the president to be should focus on.

“Basic level students need to further their education, so whoever is elected should establish more technical schools, so that we acquire knowledge, since, after the basic level, we become redundant, as a result of having learned, what is irrelevant on the job market,” he explained.