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President Kagame’s ingenuity driving Rwanda to the top
Published on 18-10-2016 - at 01:55' by Fabrice Humura

In the heart of Africa lies a country nowadays being referred to as Singapore of Africa due to its rapid unprecedented development. That country is Rwanda, known by, and given her endearing nature, a Land of a Thousand Hills. International leaders from around the world, dignitaries, diplomats, among others, have been praising the country for her significant progress she has been making from the doldrums of 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Rwanda is a stable country. Her city, Kigali, is a clean city. It is, therefore, no accident that in the current times, members of the international community have developed tremendous trust for this city to host meetings, conferences, exhibitions and summits.

This was recently underscored by the AU Commission Chairperson, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, who emphasized that from her experience with the African Union, the 27th AU Summit was her first time to experience what she called “The best summit with an impeccable organization in an immaculate city”. This praise was a positive appraisal coming right after the 27th African Union Summit that took place in Kigali, July 2016.

No one could easily believe that 22 years ago, Rwanda would host AU summit or World Economic Forum nor that the country’s GDP would grow to USD8.10 Billion in 2015.

You can’t comprehend this very well unless you realize the driving engine behind the country’s leadership. One eminent speaker, John C Maxwell states it well that everything rises and falls on leadership. The statement holds the truth in Rwanda under the stewardship of His Excellency President Paul Kagame.

1.His exemplary leadership is what inspires and draws the world to Rwanda to come and learn from the progress Rwandans have achieved under president Kagame’s leadership. It is not mere rhetoric that Kagame’s leadership is, internationally, among the best on record when it comes to delivery and transforming livelihoods of the common people. Here is why. Close to the people .

It is very rare to find a head of state holding convivial talks with citizens, listening to them and addressing their problems. Rwandans are blessed with President Kagame, whom, despite his busy schedule like other heads of state, makes it a priority to have citizen outreaches. As a result, citizens build enormous trust and confidence in their president.

President Kagame’s style of leadership is what captures the attention of other local leaders and embarking on decentralization.

2.Zero tolerance to poor performance

You would always hear president Kagame changing his voice tone angrily whenever he finds irresponsible leaders who delay development progress. Whether one is in high position or low, it does not bar him from giving them advice.

3.No complacency

It is easier to develop a stagnating mindset upon the praises and applauds Rwanda receives. However, President Kagame has a different approach. He always reminds Rwandans that the journey towards development is still long.

During a 2015 National leadership retreat, president Kagame reminded leaders that they should avoid complacency by drawing strength from criticism. He said; “Listen to those who criticize you more than those who praise you.”

From President Kagame’s commendable leadership performance is what prompts many people to admire him as their role model. Absolutely, there is no doubt that if all leaders had courage to be close to people, develop enormously zero tolerance to poor performance and allowing no room to complacency, this world would be hallowed with the real ideal development we do yearn for.

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President Paul Kagame

Author: Fabrice Humura

Student at University of Rwanda

College of Medicine and Health sciences

Twitter: @fhumura


Very nice piece FABRICE you highlighted some few points of quality and performance about HE Paul Kagame but many other people will add other points on the list and make it very long.

HE Paul Kagame is very unique: A very well informed President, very Consistent, driven by Citizens centered mindset. Unity of Rwandans is his ambition since I Know him and always fights to achieve total cohesion of Rwandans wherever they are (in or Out Rwanda).

HE Paul Kagame is smart very Clean,God Parent, Role model,Very inspiring Leader working to see all Rwandans leaving poverty and become a dignified people
C’est un President Rassembleur visit his people in all Corners of Nationally and Worldwide

Répondre20.10.2016 à 08:38
Gatabazi Jmv

I wish all leaders and aspiring leaders could read this..Too accurate
Great work Fab!!!

Répondre19.10.2016 à 09:08
Rusa Divine

We hope to achieve more with his good leadership. Nice @Fabrice

Répondre18.10.2016 à 15:51


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