12 hard truths you should tell yourself during tough times

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On 15 September 2016 saa 02:18
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Life is not without ups and downs; it comes with those tough moments when everything seems to go against you, and it’s those moments that bring the lion in you.

However, if you don’t tell yourself some hard truths, you won’t have the courage to face those hard times.

These are some hard truths you shouldn’t fail to tell yourself.

1. Your mind is a powerful tool

Half the battles we fight in life are lost and won in the mind; the mind is a powerful tool that attracts what we think. Think positively, and you’d attract positive things; think negatively and the same will follow. The way you position your mind could be the difference between success and failure.

2. Pain is part of life

Pain, difficulties and challenges are all part of life, and at the end of the day, they make you stronger. These things teach hard lessons, and being able to overcome them make you a better, stronger and well-rounded person.

3. Worrying doesn’t solve a thing

This is another hard truth people fail to tell themselves. Worrying never solves a situation, it never makes anything better and it doesn’t help you. If anything, worrying stresses your mind and body.

4. Fear hinders you

Fear hinders you from moving forward; you will hardly overcome when you live in fear, and like the popular saying goes: “everything you want is on the other side of fear”.

5. Experience makes you better

Those experiences that you hate and don’t want, they make you better; you grow through them and learn valuable life lessons. Without experience, there’ll be no lessons learnt.

6. Nothing will change until you make an effort

If you don’t put an effort to make things change, nothing will change. Change is as a result of action, and action breeds result.

7. You can’t change the past

The past is gone; you can’t go back to change it and you can’t do anything about it. But you can affect your future and make an impact on the present. So why don’t you stop worrying about your past?

8. Great things take time

If you want to be great in life and achieve great things, you should know that it takes time; great things don’t happen overnight. You have to be patient about what you want and work your way towards it with focus and determination.

9. There’s always something t o be grateful for

In our bad times, we tend to forget about the good things going on in our lives, but there’s always something to be grateful for. There’s always that thing you can thank God for, but it’s so easy to focus on the challenge and forget the good things going on.

10. Failure is nothing

Failure is what you say it is. But in reality, failure is a stepping stone to success.

Malcolm Forbes said: “Failure is success if we learn from it.”

Winston Churchill said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

11. Never look to others to validate you

Don’t compare your life with someone else’s, never compare your progress with someone else and never look to others to validate you; it’s a waste of your person and who you are.

12. You’re not alone

No matter what you’re going through in life, no matter the challenge and obstacles, know that you’re not alone; everyone is struggling in their own way — someone has been through what you faced and came out stronger.

These are hard truths you must tell yourself, no matter the situation you are facing.