14 things you should do before you become 30

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On 29 September 2016 saa 01:26
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Being thirty is significant in our lives as it means you leave the wild life of your twenties and become more mature and focused in life.

Below are things you should do before you are thirty so you would have a smooth transition into your thirties.

1. Cultivate the habit of reading books before you become thirty. Books hide incredible knowledge and value.

2. Visit another country before you become thirty as this gives you an opportunity to learn a different culture and meet new people.

3. Learn to say no when necessary so you don’t end up with unnecessary commitments and responsibilities.

4. Learn a new language before you turn thirty.

5. Before you turn thirty, you need to learn to stop looking for other people’s approval because this affects your self-esteem and confidence.

6. Face your worst fears before you turn thirty. Until you face your fears, they would always limit you.

7. Before you turn thirty, you need to cultivate the habit of donating to charity because the little you donate can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

8. You have to become financially independent before you turn thirty.

9. You need to cultivate the habit of waking up early before you turn thirty.

10. Before you turn thirty, you need to cultivate the habit of saving. You should understand that having savings for emergency is important.

11. Having self-discipline is important and this is something you should have before you become thirty. Your dreams can’t come true without self-discipline. Having self-discipline ensures you stick to your commitments and work towards achieving your goals.

12. Before you turn thirty, it’s important you have a side business. No matter how comfortable and financially rewarding your job is, having a side business is really important.

13. Before you turn thirty, you need to develop the habit of exercising daily.There is no excuse for not exercising regularly and you would be glad you did as you become older.

14. During your twenties, you ate lots of junks but it’s really important you start eating healthy before you become thirty.