3 easy steps to achieving growth and success in life

Published by Elcrema
On 26 September 2016 saa 01:40
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Contrary to what many people think, success is not as difficult to achieve as it’s made to seem. You can be successful by working hard enough, and making all the right moves. The second part is where you should pay plenty of attention.

The reason some people work hard and still don’t succeed is because they fail to apply the second part. Success doesn’t just come through hard work alone, but by making the right moves too. “What moves”, you may wonder. Well, there are 3 of the most important, and I’ll be revealing them to you, and why they’re important.

1. Expand your friendship network

Expand your network. You’ve probably heard the popular saying, ‘a tree does not make a forest’, and ignored it, but that saying is real, more than you know. You need people to grow, and even if it isn’t today or maybe in the present, tomorrow, you definitely will. That is why it’s important to build a very big network of friends. Don’t be shy to meet people, and get to know them. Some of the big, rich folks you see around you didn’t come up on their own, they had help from a friend or a friend of a friend somewhere. That business opportunity or job or loan or support that you’re looking for, or may need tomorrow can come from anywhere, so do not keep your circle small, let it grow as big as it possibly can. And the interesting thing about knowing a lot of people is that you do not even have to be close friends with them all, but you can have a good relationship with them. I can’t even begin to stress this enough, but you’ll see what I mean for yourself once you try it.

2. Be kind and benevolent

Some people have a problem with being kind and generous, even when they have the wherewithal to help the needy, mostly out of ignorance of the fact that today’s favour is often repaid tomorrow. When you give and show kindness, you lay up treasure for yourself and generations after you too. Life’s full of uncertainties, and for all you know something tragic could happen to all that wealth you have today, and trust me, when that happens, it’s the people you’ve helped in the past that’ll come running to pull you back up. Forget whatever you might have heard about people not showing appreciation for kindness, it’s only a few who do not, a lot of people appreciate kindness, and do not forget to repay it when you need them to. Kindness will take you places where even hard work may not. This is a very important secret to success in life, and you need not ignore it.

3. A problem shared is half-solved

Sometimes, the only reason people suffer for so long is because they do not want to make their problems public. Nobody is going to help you or proffer a solution to your problem if you don’t tell them about it. I understand that sometimes our ego makes it impossible for us to come out in public with our problems, but the reality of keeping them to yourself is that it wouldn’t help in any way either. So learn to tell people about your problems. Obviously, it can’t be every Tom, Dick and Harry you tell, but you can tell your close friends, and even if they can’t help, they may know someone who can.

And that was it. Add those tips to your honest efforts, and you’ll have no reason to not grow in your endeavours.