4 steps you must be willing to take to deal with fear

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On 24 February 2017 saa 11:06
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There are so many fears people have, and one thing fear does is that it puts you under control. When you are afraid, you are under subjection, as far as that thing is concerned, and until you deal with that fear, it’ll forever have a grip on you.

To deal with your fears, you must be willing to take any of these steps:

1. Determine what you are afraid of

You ought to understand and be specific about what you are afraid of. You can’t say, “I’m afraid of talking”; that’s too broad. Rather, you can say “I’m are afraid of public speaking”, “I’m afraid that people won’t like what I say in public”, “I’m afraid people won’t like me” etc. These are a bit more specific and will help you understand specifically what you are dealing with.

2. Start dealing with your inside mind

This is the next important step you must take, if you want to beat that fear. There’s always that voice deep within telling you to be afraid, reminding you why you are afraid and giving you reasons why you should be afraid; if you can deal with that inside voice, then over 70% of your fears will be gone. So, stop listening to the inside voice and start replacing it with positive thoughts — thoughts that tell you, “I can do it”, “there’s nothing to be afraid of”. If you can pass this mental block, you have almost dealt with your fears.

3. Start thinking of the benefits of dealing with your fears

There are always benefits associated with handling your fears, and enjoying those benefits will make you feel whole again. If you have a phobia for swimming, just imagine how relaxed you’d feel if you can join others in swimming and partaking in the fun most people have by the poolside. If you have a phobia for travelling by air, imagine how fast and less stressful it’d be to reach your destination in no time.

When you start thinking of the benefits of dealing with your fears, you’ll get motivated to handle those fears.

4. Face your fears

At the end you just have to face your fears, and it shouldn’t just be once. Facing your fears should be a continuous and repeated process. The previous steps are all geared at getting you mentally prepped to face your fears, and they’ll be of no use if you don’t eventually face your fears. You just have to hit your fears head on, and you have to keep going at it.