4 things recruiters do when reading your CV

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On 29 September 2016 saa 01:14
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The work of a recruiter isn’t really easy; they scan through lots of CVs looking for the right candidate to be invited for an interview, and in some cases they go through hundreds and thousands of CVs. This could be a tedious task for a human, and they usually look for ways to make their work less difficult.

This is how they read your CV

1. Quick and fast

Recruiters go through your CVs quickly and extract the necessary information they need to. It’s estimated that a recruiter spends 10 to 20 seconds on one CV and make a decision immediately.

2. They look for key words

Recruiters often look for key words in relation to the job on ground. Once they come across certain key words, they choose you.This is why it’s often advised to prepare your CV in relation to the job being offered.

3. Mistakes

It’s a huge error to make a mistake on your CV, and recruiters tend to cut you off when they notice bad grammar and other mistakes on your CV.

4. Inconsistencies

Recruiters know that people often tell lies and exaggerate information on their CVs, so they quickly check out for inconsistencies and strike out those who tend to put false information that doesn’t add up on their CV.

Many recruiters use these 4 tips when scanning CVs for a prospective firm.

Now that you know what recruiters do, you can use this information to prepare your CV better.