4 ways you waster money without knowing it

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On 7 June 2017 saa 08:55
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We’ve all thrown money away at some point, without really realising it. Wastefulness is bad though, because what you waste now, you could need tomorrow; besides, you worked hard for the money, so why waste it?

I’m going to share 4 ways we all mostly waste money, and hopefully, we’ll realise just how it happens, and learn to control it more.

Sales promos

Sales promos are designed to generate more sales and profit for a business. When a company starts one, it’s simply looking to get you to buy more, and part with more of your hard-earned money. Typically, sales promos ask you to buy more and win something exciting, or discount on prices. It sounds good, but it’ll drive you to buy more than you are used to buying, even things you don’t really need. When you buy stuff you have little need for, it’s wrong investment, and a wrong investment is a waste of money.

Unused memberships

Depending on your type of job, it’s mostly difficult to keep up with certain side tasks and leisure, like going to a gym or clubbing for example. In most parts, these two things require registration and membership for one to enjoy them. Now, imagine paying so much for these, and then, not having the time to enjoy them; would be a waste.

Food waste

Nobody likes to buy food and then throw them away, unless there’s something wrong. In a lot of societies, consistent power supply is still a myth and this does not help with food storage. Sometimes, you buy so much because there’s electricity at that point, but then, that changes sooner or later. This often leads to unexpected wastage of food.

Poor negotiation power

Price negotiations are important because you can save a lot of money through it. Imagine paying for a car at a price nearly double the original cost. Negotiation can change that, and save you some money. If you don’t do this, you need to learn to.