5 tips that will help you become punctual at work

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On 27 March 2017 saa 09:06
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Punctuality is a very important habit that will help you in your job and career, but unfortunately, a vast majority of people don’t know how to be punctual. People tend to be late for every appointment and don’t know what to do to stop themselves from being late.

Punctuality isn’t really hard to attain; it’s very achievable, and this is how to do it.

1. Make promptness a priority

First, to be prompt; you ought to have that desire of promptness. You need to make promptness so important to you that you’ll beat yourself up and feel motivated to be earlier whenever you are late to work or an event. When promptness becomes important to you, you will tend to be have the zeal to always be on time.

2. Set certain things the night before

Start preparation from the day before, and try to do certain things you can do before the next morning. I’ll tell you one trick I always have in store – I decide on what to wear and keep everything clean and ready before the next morning. The time spent thinking on what to wear can easily make you late. Earliness starts from the day before.

3. Wake up early

By earliness starting from the day before, you also ought to apply the simple rule – early to bed, early to rise. Waking up on time is a very useful tip you must adhere to if you want to be early to work.

4. Set a target of being 15 minutes early

If you have an appointment for 8am in the morning, a trick to being prepared on time is by setting a target to be there by 7:45 AM. When you set your mindset to be fifteen minutes earlier, you’ll most likely be at the venue on time.

5. Work with time

Choose to work with time; set a timeframe for every thing you need to do while preparing for your work, and try to beat the timeframe you set.

Being early isn’t really hard at all; it’s just up to you and your mindset.