6 common lame excuses people give for going to work late

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On 29 November 2016 saa 11:57
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One thing every boss hate in common is lateness to work. Every employer expects an employee to be punctual and avoid lateness, but lateness is an issue many employees have time after time, and they always have an excuse for it.

These are some common excuses people give for going to work late.

1. “I woke up late”

This is a dumb excuse that will infuriate your boss. It passes a message that you aren’t a professional and that you don’t take your work seriously.

2. Traffic

Traffic is another terrible excuse many give for going late to work, but it’s also inexcusable. Your boss expects you to know the scope of traffic in your area and beat the traffic too.

3. Distance

This is another common excuse people give for lateness to work. But to your boss, it’s a lame excuse because your boss expects you to live close to your workplace or leave for work early enough if you stay far away.

4. Family issues

A lot of family issues could make one come late to work, but your boss will have none of it if it has nothing to do with illness and death; anything other than this will be seen as a lame excuse by your boss.

5. Weather

If your boss beats the weather and is at work, he’d expect you to do the same, and except the weather condition is extreme, your boss will see your excuse as lame.

6. Car issues

Car issues like running out of fuel, and other similar problems will be seen as being disorganised by your boss, and another poor excuse.

Lateness for work isn’t something many bosses condone, and it gives a terrible reputation in your boss’s eyes.